Dr Robert Chase
10 October 2019 @ 04:08 am

"It had better be an emergency."
Dr Robert Chase
09 October 2019 @ 04:05 am

sprinkle a handful of plausible lies )
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Dr Robert Chase
15 January 2012 @ 05:08 am

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01 October 2011 @ 04:02 am

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Dr Robert Chase
12 February 2010 @ 12:24 am
My Secret Candy Heart:


Carla: DESECRATION, Watch as Chase steals infected blood from the corpse of a 70-year-old woman in the morgue of PPTH. It will be plain that this is an illicit act, the person experiencing it will be able to feel mingled emotions of determination, fear and self-revulsion, but the exact purpose of taking the blood won't be clear.
Amory: PTSD, You get to experience a full blown panic attack. The constriction of your chest and sense of overwhelming despair will be closely tied in with images of blood. Images may include a monitor image of a thorascopy (inside the lungs) with bleeds opening up everywhere, and a man's mouth contorted around a tube, blood flooding up from his throat. Blood. Lots of blood. Uncontainable and everywhere. Comes with bonus sensation of guilt.
Penny, Eden: MAMA, A 19-year-old Robert standing and walking out of a church when the priest asks those gathered to bow their heads in prayer. Behind him a coffin and funereal accoutrements are visible, and the familial resemblance is clear in the portrait of the deceased.
Olivia: ADVANTAGE, Chase doesn't let small issues like the fact she's scared she might have contracted HIV, or her being out of her head on meth stop him from taking advantage of the chance to sleep with a co-worker who has turned him down (sober) several times before.

Eden: FOREIGN, Her memory of Damien fishing her out of a dumpster and speaking English, which he won't be able to understand at all.
Tony Stark: LIFE, He doesn't go out of his way to hide it, but he doesn't flaunt it either. Tony's got a vibranium core stuck in his chest and without it he'll die a slow death.
Penny: CHANGED, Shock--Penny wasn't always sunshine and helpfulness! Before Penny discovered the magic of volunteering and the joy it brings, she was a lonely, shy, and kind of sad girl without much of a purpose.
Justin: SEXUALITY, Er. Justin's relationship with his partner in crime was, at times, kind of... well, homoerotic. That and his lack of interest in having actual sex, even with girls he thinks he loves, confuses him. Tasty secret!
Amory: DEATH, He's slowly dying due to unfortunate genetics.
Carla: LOVE, Carla lying on a bed alone. Feelings of isolation, loss of self, confinement, humiliation, hate, adoration, hunger, desperation, need, emptiness, self-hate, pain, misery. The observant may notice they are not breathing.
Delacroix: REMEMBER, Shodan's voice, Iii amSHODAN. i n s e c t . . . . .
Mae Crawford: MOTHER, Intense mourning for a dead mother that never understood her, but was still proud of her nonetheless.
Ariadne: DEATH, Shoot the lady with the kitchen knife in the chest.
Cameron: SAFE, She never feels secure in the City, and worries about it constantly. CHOICE, I once helped someone die.
Frankie: SACRIFICE, Frankie Dalton is going to die. For a good reason, but he's going to die. Pretty horrifically.